Become a Natural Leader

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LIGHTHORSE Coaching & Training

"Be the change you want to see in this world," said Gandhi.

If you have aims to change yourself and your company, and contribute to a better world LIGHTHORSE is the right place to start for you. ‘Natural Leadership’ is a type of leadership we all have inside us and can develop and is key for organisations and society to make a transition to sustainability.

LIGHTHORSE offers several services for individuals and companies to develop Natural Leadership competences and to become a sustainable business through working with horses.

Reason to order: 
Employees can learn how to become Natural Leaders, a skill that will remain for life while companies can benefit from understanding individual employee strengths and weaknesses and their leadership style while promoting effective team communication and collaboration for increased productivity.
Did you know that: 
80-90% does not trust the management to make the right decisions in challenging times. Trust is one of the competences you can develop during a Natural Leadership session with horses. It has a direct influence on company's effectiveness & productivity.
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to start looking at developing Natural Leadership within your team. See our offer below!
Natural Leadership Team & Organisational Training with horses; €400 Euro per person, a day Natural Leadership Coaching; €295 a person for 3 hours (prices include VAT).
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Early bird special: the first five orders receive a 15% discount!
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