Bird in the Hand

Offered by: 
De Baak, Veenfabriek

Lunch is by far the best place for relaxing and re-energizing, but also for addressing irritations; complaining about what is wrong in the company. This crucial information for vital and well-functioning companies is often not heard in the boardrooms. De Baak and the ‘Veenfabriek’ offer you a proposition that aims to turn these complaints into sustainable solutions. The company will get a more transparent and open, which benefits the business.

The MockingBird Communal Table pro-actively invites people to voice their complaints around themes and issues that are important for sustainability of the business. These complaints are collected over the course of a month, using a simple and effective App. Throughout the month, the complaints will be displayed in an attractive, thought-provoking design, on a wall in the lunch area (creating awareness, inspiring reflection). At the end of the month a communal table is facilitated around the specific issue/theme. During this ‘Mocking Bird Communal Table’ (incl. lunch) people from your company, across units and ‘ranks’, are brought together to discuss the complaints and to co-create sustainable solutions.

The MockingBird Communal Table will be ‘respectfully provoked’ by adding the playful outsider perspective of the members of the music theatre ensemble ‘Veenfabriek’.

Reason to order: 
Complaining beneath the surface becomes tangible. Your company will benefit once complaints can be out in the open, since they are great indicators for a waste of energy that may be turned into energy boosters if addressed in a respectful but performance-oriented way. From an employee perspective the benefit of a MockingBird session is that complaints transcend the lunch table and land on a communal table. You will be given a platform to be heard and understood. If a good solution is found, you will stop losing energy over the cause of the complaint.
Did you know that: 
The result of MockingBird sessions is a vital company in which complaints will be welcomed and heard, and transformed into sustainable solutions for the company.
How to implement?: 
Five preparation steps should be taken in order to organize a ‘MockingBird Communal Table’: Intake (1); Agreeing on scale & schedule (2); Installation of the hardware (3); Implementation of the app (4); and Announcing ‘MockingBird Day’ (5). De Baak facilitates the execution of these steps.
One monthly MockingBird sequence (issue/topic) will approximately cost €10.000 - €15.000,- (excl. VAT).
Special offer: 
Early MockingBirds will get a discount of 20% (first 5 orders, for one sequence).
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