CE BOOSTcamp’13 was a great success

CE BOOSTcamp’13 was a great success

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 17:36

We proudly present our latest campaign: the CE BOOSTcamp'13!

3 days long >80 professionals from different companies, ages and backgrounds worked hard to create three circular breakthroughs. Breakthroughs that are needed to accelerate the Circle Economy. We, Professional Passionates, created the concept and the program of this inspiring weekend. Which resulted in the CE BOOSTcamp’13. Curious on what the weekend was all about? Check out the website we made or read the highlights below:

Highlights CE BOOSTcamp’13:

  • Kick-off Event with 6 inspiring circular Pecha Kucha’s.
  • An amazing BBQ by Varkensroosteren.nl
  • U-curve methodology by Derk Egeler where people opened up about their personal transformations and goals in life.
  • Late night jam sessions around the campfire with host Lars Sørensen, singer-songwriter Tomas Day and many more talented musicians that just happened to be in the camp.
  • The work sessions in 3 teams of  ±25 professionals and interesting experts. Goal: to transform circular barriers into breakthroughs.
  • Rise & Shine class with yoga, food & health coach Chantal Soeters.
  • The Pitches & Pledges on Sunday @Schouwburg Almere with: Amazing keynote speeches by: Feike Sijbesma (CEO Royal DSM), Jay Naidoo (Chair of the Global Alliancefor Improved Nutrition - GAIN), Robert-Jan van Ogtrop (Co-founder Circle Economy) and Herman Wijffels (Professor Sustainability and Societal Change & former Executive Director at World Bank).
  • Interesting feedback from our expert panel with:Louise Vet (Director of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, NIOO-KNAW), Stef Kranendijk (Chairman of De Groene Zaak), Femke Halsema (Former Member of Dutch Parliament) and Feike Sijbesma (CEO Royal DSM).
  • The official launch of the Circle Economy by Herman Wijffels.

It was an amazing weekend and we look back at it with a great smile! CE BOOSTcamp’14 – here we come!

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