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Green Recycled Organics (GRO)

Still ever popular in company restaurants, the Dutch Kroket snack has been reinvented by GRO Mushrooms! TerraBites are the healthier version of the snack classic and is the first product developed with GRO Mushroom’s gourmet oyster mushrooms. Grown on coffee grounds from your own company restaurant, using all fresh ingredients, void of E numbers or additional flavour enhancers, this is a healthy vegetarian snack alternative, which is suitable for both company parties and day to day lunches.

Reason to order: 
The TerraBite is the ultimate example of end-to-end usage, without waste. GRO Mushrooms take the coffee grounds from the coffee you drank in the morning, use them to grow our mushrooms and then create a healthy mushroom snack for consumption at your own restaurant for lunch!
Did you know that: 
Less than one percent of a coffee cherry is actually consumed - which means the large majority of the coffee pulp ends up being waste. GRO Mushrooms use this pulp to grow mushrooms, which provide the basis for protein-rich and healthy snacks!
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to start ordering your TerraBites from GRO Mushrooms and have them delivered to your office restaurant!
TerraBItes cost €30 (excl. VAT) for 50 x 45grams per box, or €29,75 (excl. VAT) for 35 x 80grams per box.
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