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Kairos Tools

Engaging employees in real sustainable working takes more than having a sustainable mission and strategy. Kairos Tools has developed an online tool that can help make reaching employees more effective.

Treemagotchi@work is based on the combined knowledge of Health Psychology, Gamification and Sustainability. The program offers an employee engagement program lasting approximately 8 weeks, framed in a friendly competition between teams of colleagues.

Involving a reward and prize system, certain tasks that take 5 to 10 minutes, need to be performed weekly. This includes input or opinion on the issues of employees, that ignites a dialogue among colleagues. Employees are given a personal digital tree connected to their account which flourishes when the task is performed or deteriorates when tasks are neglected.

Content for Treemagotchi @Work is customisable to company needs, existing programs, facilities, tools can be bundled and offered one at a time in a fun and easy way. In addition, Kairos Tools can also take care for the overall project/program management.

Reason to order: 
Treemagotchi contributes to increase organisational employee engagement to achieve CSR goals and employee work satisfaction which aids in decreasing employee turnover, lowers recruitment costs while adding an element of fun to work routine and learning and creating more colleague cohesion.
Did you know that: 
Within two months, you can expect a strong increase of employee engagement for sustainability as they are more equipped with knowledge and have had to actively participate to learn.
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to discuss having a Treemagotchi employee campaign implemented in your company, in close cooperation with employees from the internal communications department and colleagues from HR, Facilities and ICT.
Programs can be anywhere from 4 months up to 3 years, starting from €25.000 (excl. VAT).
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