Fresh fruit for offices

Offered by: 
Fruitful Office

Fruitful Office creates a healthier work environment by stimulating employees to eat and enjoy fresh fruit by offering fresh fruit for offices, delivered straight to the front door.

Reason to order: 
The vitamins and minerals in fresh fruit stimulate good health, encouraging a healthy working team who are less likely to be absent and happy with the extra perk of having fresh fruit at the office.
Did you know that: 
Fruitful Office supports 2 Corporate and Social Responsibility projects: In cooperation with Ripple Africa, for every basket that is delivered they plant one fruit tree in Malawi AND they work with young people with a chronic illness from Emma at Work!
How to implement?: 
Order now and receive a free sample basket delivered straight to your office, to gauge if your team will like Fruitful Office products. See our special offer below!
Baskets of 40 pieces of fruit start from € 17,95 (including delivery, excl. VAT).
Special offer: 
Receive a 25% discount on a two week trial of Fruitful Office products.
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