Happy Employees

Offered by: 
U-Center, Gelukskoffer

If you give your employees the chance to learn and grow, they will thrive and so will your organisation!

The U-Center offers services to workshop with managers and senior directors and think about possible psychological obstacles that may be blocking their happiness, redefining values and getting the most from their personal and professional life.

Gelukskoffer provides leadership programs and inspiration days with a strong foundation in scientific research, for employees, management and board directors, while also offering companies a unique opportunity to work with children, and in doing so, investing in the wellbeing of tomorrow’s society.

Reason to order: 
Research shows that happy employees are more productive over the long term than those that are not. They are less absent, less likely to quit, are more committed to their role, attract other committed people and are likely to receive positive reviews from customers.
Did you know that: 
Emerging research makes the link between a thriving workforce and better business performance absolutely clear. Happiness can have impact at both the company and the country level. As we know, what gets measured gets managed!
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to organise a consultation with U-center or Gelukskoffer to help your team find happiness or invest in the happiness of future generations. Think, for example, of a (free) guided introduction tour with lunch at the U-Center, a "Happy Test", an awareness workshop, a 2nd opinion regarding an absent employee with mental disorder or the chance to sponsor a class of 30 children with the Gelukskoffer.
All Workshops, leadership programs and inspiration days for management, board of directors are tailored to suit your needs and therefore prices vary upon requests.
Special offer: 
A free introduction to the "Happy Test" is offered to all companies participating in The Sustainable Hunt.
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