Happy honest treats

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With an abundance of sugar and salt inside vending machines, being healthy is almost impossible when the 4 o’clock munchies strike. Disappointed by the lack of healthy snacks available in the vending machine at the big Dutch company he used to work at, Erik created Justnuts. Specialising in happy honest treats, Justnuts is an independent company bringing healthy and responsible snacks to vending machines all over the country since 2011.

Reason to order: 
Employees can enjoy affordable and healthy snack alternatives leading to healthier living and companies can benefit from having satisfied and more productive employees.
Did you know that: 
With Erik, Thijs and Dominique at the helm of Justnuts, they share the ambition to sell nothing but products that have been made with respect for people, nature and communities.
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to start looking at how to stock Justnuts in your company office.
One packet of Justnuts retails for €1,69 and a nutty bar for €1,35 per piece (prices incl. VAT).
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