Healthy Food Powder

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Groundation, Energy wellness

Made from real food and containing all important nutritions from nature, such as glyconutritients, multivitamines, anti-oxidants and super greens, Healthy Food Powder is instant nutrition you can add to any of your food. Sprinkle it on salad/pasta/bread, blend it in your juice and it will instantly bring back the essential nutrients you need.

Bringing out the best in your food, Healthy Food Powder helps build stronger cells, a stronger body, and therefore a stronger mind!

Reason to order: 
Employees can benefit from high levels of energy and concentration when they consume Healthy Food Powder, while companies can benefit from less absenteeism, higher productivity and less stressed, but happier employees!
Did you know that: 
Up to 67% of the nutritional value in food has diminished by the time it reaches your table due to long transportation times, premature harvesting, pesticides, depleted soil and toxic environment.
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to start incorporating Healthy Food Powder in your company. There are two powders, with different contents: Ambrotose powder (pure glyconutrients) and NutriVerus powder (glyconutrients, multivitamines, anti-oxidants, super greens). For a monthly fee, the powder will be sent to your office to always be on hand in the Canteen to spread over food or to mix in your juice. See our special offer below!
Ambrotose powder costs €130,- per pot (approximately 60 servings, excl. VAT) and NutriVerus powder only €70,- per pot (approximately 60 servings, excl. VAT, possible to order from September onwards).
Special offer: 
Become a member and subscribe to monthly orders to receive a 10-20% discount.
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