I found my heart in San Francisco

I found my heart in San Francisco

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 17:38

This is what’s been up on our kitchen wall since we came back from living in San Francisco:

And without wanting to sound overly dramatic, this is exactly how I feel about our time in SF. Living in the City by the Bay, I worked up the courage to just go ahead and start the business that’s been in my heart for some time. 

When people ask me about my experiences, there’s so much to tell that I find myself cramping all good things in a 2-minute pitch for SF.  This first PP-blog post is a great opportunity to dig deeper into why SF made all the difference to me.

Before I went to SF, I was perfectly happy with my 9-6 job managing teams at governmental organizations. My work was extremely diverse and very much in line with my talents. I felt appreciated. All the things a great job should have and I never thought about leaving it: where else would I find a job just as nice?

I never realized fully that it would be possible to approach work from a completely different perspective: as something you can form around your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

Living in SF, I met people with the most creative combinations of work, hobby & passion. One woman worked in private equity, while also being a successful jewelry designer. She worked from home (as did her husband) and seemed to be spending more time in the park with her kids then I did. She also lived in one of the prime neighborhoods.

Not many SF people seemed surprised about this, because most of them had similar work-life-styles.

The people I met in SF didn’t look for a job that more or less suited their personality and lifestyle. No. They just went out and created it for themselves. And because of that, they could incorporate their whole personality into their work.

And that was exactly what I wanted. At work, I always felt as if something was missing. I really wanted it to not feel as a job, but as fulfilling my life’s purpose.

Seeing all these people make a living by doing exactly what they liked to be doing, made me see that I could do that too. My big epiphany came when I realized that if a ‘Blow Dry Bar’ could be successful (honestly: they only dry hair. No cutting involved. And it was always busy!), my biz in developing leadership surely could too.

Maybe I could have come to this realization in Amsterdam. But I think I only started to see it in SF because the people I met there were all doing it, which made it seem perfectly normal. Also, even though I consider myself to be an open person, being away from my secure life really opened up my heart & mind to new people and other ways. 

Now that we’re back in Amsterdam, it’s my challenge to keep my heart and my mind wide open & make my business a success.

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