Inspiration lunches

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Professional Passionates

How can you use lunch to inspire your employees, connect with your colleagues or become a more vital and healthy person? Well, you should start by hiring the Professional Passionates dream team! Every Tuesday for a month (four times in a row), we will organise an ‘Inspiration lunch’ with your company.

Think of it like your own personal TEDtalk, whereby a local farmer could come visit and explain the healthy benefits of the ingredients on your plate or you get the chance to listen to a colleague presenting about his or her latest passion project. Lunch is the moment where you can sit down, take a break, connect with each other and let yourself be inspired.

Reason to order: 
Make use of lunch in your company to create happier and healthier professionals! Transform your lunch canteen into an inspiring meeting point, give your team inspirational food for thought during lunch and a chance to build connections with other inspiring colleagues.
Did you know that: 
If you inspire the right professionals, connect them with each other you can change corporate behaviour from within the company. Inspire-connect-change!
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to developing a program with Professional Passionates that would best suit your company, employees and corporate & personal interests
A personal quotation is developed upon your company’s specific needs & wishes. Order this solution and we are happy to come by for a lunch in your office canteen and discuss the possibilities.
Special offer: 
First mover advantage - we will display it on our website as the perfect example for other canteens.
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