Inspired culinary cards

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Savour the seasons! ZTRDG creates culinary freecards with delicious seasonal recipes and visual inspiration. Monthly sets of freecards provide fresh ideas for daily meals or entertaining guests on special occasions and spur your team into good eating habits while encouraging consumption of local produce at home and at the office. Special displays and special company editions of the ZTRDG on-line magazine featuring videos and creative food articles can also be organised.

Reason to order: 
Learn the stories behind local food and local producers while encouraging healthy living and eating amongst your team for more productivity and more satisfaction.
Did you know that: 
Eating is an agricultural act, so vote with your fork and start eating local produce!
How to implement?: 
Order a subscription of monthly card sets, containing 9 cards per set. Dependent on company size, personalised company logos can also be organised on the back-side of each card. More details on special company editions of ZTRDG on-line magazine are also available.
A subscription of 500 cards, refreshed on a monthly basis, costs €50,- (excl. VAT), while further options for special company editions of ZTRDG on-line magazine are priced on request.
Special offer: 
Subscribe your company for 6 months today and receive 5 issues of ZTRDG keukentafelboek N°1 – their own book about sourcing local produce and inspired cooking! (Valued at 25 EU per book).
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