Just start stacking!

Offered by: 
Moonen Packaging

Stack-it is a cradle-to-cradle coffee cup solution. Stack-it takes care of the whole process, from the delivery of 100% compostable coffee cup based on sugar cane and PLA, a smart and efficient system to collect the cups, and finally, transport of the collected cups for composting.

Reason to order: 
Stack-it makes people aware of the need to minimise waste and of the actual waste that they are creating. An easy way to dispose used coffee cups, the cups and system also look smart in the office and can be adapted to your company style.
Did you know that: 
On average 15% of the office waste consists of coffee cups. Stack-it reduces this percentage to 5%. That’s over 65% less waste from coffee cups!
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to start using Stack-it sugar cane paper cups.
Starting from an extra 1,5 cents per coffee cup for the Stack-it concept. A full quotation can be organised by a Stack-it Account Manager based on specific customer needs.
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