KC Inspiration Tour

KC Inspiration Tour

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 10:31

The KC Inspiration Tour is a follow-up of the successful Startup Tour XXL – a tour where big corporates learned from game-changing startups on being more innovative while cycling through Amsterdam. Our good friend and partner Kirkman Company asked us if we could help them create an inspiration tour for its clients with the focus on: “meeting successful ventures with a social impact’’. Of course we can! Here’s a selection of the three social enterprises we selected for the KC Inspiration tour and why:

Fairphone - produces mobile phones ethically.
By making a phone that puts social values first, they hope to spark a movement of people and organizations that work together towards an economy based on fairer principles. They are part of initiatives that account for the true value of the phone's life, and produced in a way with minimal harm to people and the environment. In this way, Fairphone offers its buyers more than a smartphone. The phone is a start to change the way things are made and create systemic change in the industry.

C Cosmetics and Care - offers a range of organic cosmetics & beautytreatments.
Their goal is to promote awareness of how good natural cosmetics can be for your body, by offering a unique combination of the highest quality of products, good information and pro­fessional advice.

De Mantelaar - offers homecare for those in waiting line.
Mantelaar is a new initiave to help and support the elderly and their caregiver. Mantelaar offers practical help, companionship and customized care. Our 'mantelaars' are medical students who take pride in looking after the elderly.

If you would like to book a startup tour or innovation tour for your company, please contact Thalita: thalita@professionalpassionates.org

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