The Next Closet is live

The Next Closet is live

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 22:26

Professional Passionates not only designs game-changing campaigns and events. We sometimes found our own ventures. When we see the need for a sustainable service or product and realize it is not there yet, we try to do-it-ourselves. After one year of hard work behind the scenes we present you with great pride our very own venture: The Next Closet (TNC).

TNC is an online community where women can buy and sell high-end (secondhand) designer pieces. Our mission is to give wardrobes a second life. Why buy fast fasion items that don't have a long life span when you can buy the most beautiful designer items that will remain their value and are already out there? So how does it work? First of all, it's hassle-free, Butler James does all the work for you! You only need to sign up and tell Butler James what you'd like to sell. If your items fit the requirements (well-known designer brand and in top condition) TNC sends you a free shipping package. When your items have arrived, TNC prices, styles, describes, photographs and sells them for you online. This means that once they are uploaded, you can sit back, relax, promote your own pieces or simply shop on TNC yourself.

In development but upcoming is the Do-It-Yourself service. Here you can shop your friends closets or those of someone with your size or taste (based on the Pinterest model). Follow them on TNC, be the first to get a notification as soon as they upload something new and the items can be yours. Pretty game-changing, right? Luckily others think so:

The Next Closet is nominated for the Accenture Innovation Award!
Vote here if you want to help us win.

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