Old is the new new

Old is the new new

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 14:01

For years now vintage has been most popular. And for a reason; let's be honest most of the stuff we buy now a day is not build to last. No wonder we love vintage cloths, goods and wares from earlier times.

But it's not only vintage stuff we like, vintage recipes are a real hit too (at least in Amsterdam).

Wijnand Focking is one of the best know Jenever distilleries in Amsterdam. It first opened its doors in around 1679 in the Pijlsteeg, just behind the Dams square. The small bar still wears a lot of its original features and so do the Jenever and liquor recipes. You might wonder how a bar in a city like Amsterdam could last for more than three ages, when most of the bars do not even survive their first year. I believe the secret is to never change a winning concept. Wijnand Focking is open seven days a week from three to nine, the bartenders are friendly, the portions are decent and the quality of the drinks is excellent. The liquors and spirits are distilled with the distillation equipment that has ben used for over 300 years. No (recent) trends are followed in this distillery. The only real ''modern'' thing present in the bar is the no phone sign on the wall. But this doesn't mean that time stood still in this establishment. Wijnand Focking also serves the relative new beers from ''De Leckere''. Why? Because of its quality: nice and fresh and brewed organically.

Brouwerij 't IJ is another famous and vintage brewery in East Amsterdam. With its 29 years it's still a rookie compared to as Wijnand Focking, but it is one of the few breweries in Amsterdam en the oldest still active. Situated in a typical Dutch Windmill it is a very popular location for beer tastings. All the IJ- beers are brewed organically, and are not pasteurised nor filtered. The result: fresh beers with a great taste. Also this brewery does not participate in modern frills. Nonetheless, their beers are a hit in Amsterdam. It seems as if almost every bar serves one of the IJ-beers. Why? The quality and taste of the beer is great, but certainly the smart marketing plays a roll too. The vintage looking logo is fun and reminds of earlier times. And since vintage is hip, a logo with a vintage look is just really smart. But also local and organic is in fashion and IJ-beers are just that.

We yearn back to olden day when quality and not the latest fashion counted. And so old is the new new. Luckily some of the Amsterdam oldies haven't changed their original recipes and looks and so we can still taste what old tastes like in Amsterdam, at Wijnand Fockings distillery and The IJ brewery: places that stood the test of time. 

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