Please meet PP Carine de Meyere

Please meet PP Carine de Meyere

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 12:16

Name: Carine de Meyere

What do you do?:  Founder of Connecting the Dots through People. I can’t really say there’s one specific thing I do because I do many different things (-:  I am a social entrepreneur who focuses on Content Development and Marketing Strategy as well as finding investors for cause driven, globally focused projects such as Waka Waka, the Solar powered lamp and Room to Read, an award-winning non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world. With my company 'Connecting the Dots through People' I try to connect social entrepreneurs - who are in a start up phase - to informal impact investors and/or philantropists.

What is your Passion?: I like to create new opportunities for people, as I like to think in solutions. I do this by connecting people to the right initiatives and make them achieve their goals. I like to see myself as an artist of life and I hope to inspire others to see the beauty of life and motivate them to be the change they wish to see in the world. Through my studies in Social Sciences I was introduced to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Because of my yearly visits to CGI in New York I met a lot of inspiring people. Among them Donna Karan (DKNY, Urban Zen Initiative) who inspired me to name my company ‘Connecting the Dots Through People’.

How did you make your passion your work?: After having worked in high level marketing activities in the film industry (Columbia Pictures and Preview) and in the corporate world for the PaN Amsterdam and Tefaf Maastricht, I realized that this type of work is not what really makes me tick. I needed more meaning in what I did and to connect more with the people around me. So I immersed myself completely in coaching. Here I discovered that many people are stuck in their (corporate) lives and how a little bit of help, or the right connections, can lead to big differences. Later, during my experience as fundraiser and ambassador of several sustainable/social projects, I met the most wonderful people who wanted to contribute to a better world but didn’t know how, or vice versa. I met talented (young) entrepreneurs who’d started the most amazing projects but were in need of extra fundings. Suddenly all the dots came together and ‘Connecting the Dots’ was born!

What is your contribution to a more sustainable world? By connecting my network and all I have with the causes I stand for, I hope to contribute to make the world a better place where we treat people equally, with respect and dignity.  I believe that when you put a lot of energy in your idea it will grow. Often it’s the lack of energy and creativity that will slow down the development. With my experience and network, I hope to be a source of energy and creativity for those who need that last boost to fund or to be funded. We are all united through the Universe. However the world is on fire so we have to raise funds and give from the heart instead of from the head!

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