Please meet PP James

Please meet PP James

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 15:06

Name: James Veenhoff

About: James Veenhoff is many things: a brand builder, an entrepreneur, a copy writer, a trend watcher, a dad, a husband and a very creative thinker, who you simply want to spend hours listening and talking to and remembering each brilliant idea he suggests. For his cv- check his linkedin (it’s too long). But in a nutshell he is one of the partners of Fronteer Strategy, co-founder of the House of Denim, co-founder and director of the Amsterdam Fashion week and now very recently he joined The Next Closet supervisory board (Professional Passionates very own startup) – Yes, we are biased.

What is your Passion?

Getting the most out of things. I love to build brands, talk with my partners and clients and brainstorm with them about how to create a successful brand. 

How did you make your passion your work? 

After a rollercoaster career I went back to my true love: Brand strategy consulting. How did I make my passion my work? I founded my very own brand strategy consulting firm (-;

What is your contribution to a more sustainable world? 

Making sustainable goods appealing and sexy so that people really want the ‘good stuff’ is what I am trying to incorporate in the House of Denim: an institute for denim, sustainability and craftsmanship in the Netherlands. Some explanation:

  • sustainable (we upcycle old jeanswear),
  • craftsmanship for denim (MBO-students learn the craft of jeans making)
  • fashion (the jeans designs we make are sincerely cool)

From my background in fashion, I know that sustainability and fashion can be a difficult match. In my opinion there are two incentives for choosing: either towards pleasure or away from pain. The choice to choose a sustainable option is mostly ‘an away from pain’ choice e.g. I don’t want my child to eat lollies as there is artificial colouring in them. Instead of I really love that fair trade chocolate because it is soooo delicious and nicely presented. I believe the latter should be the standard for sustainable goods. Not only because it is fair trade but also delicious and attractive. From my expertise as a brand strategist I would like to contribute to that.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

My friends and good conversations. In regard to fashion, I really enjoy the

Best book on Brand Strategy:

How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don't Know by Byron Sharp.

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