Please meet PP Kurt Hamming

Please meet PP Kurt Hamming

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 13:37

Name: Kurt Hamming

What do you do:  I am an entrepreneur. Currently I am (Co)-Founder of BrowncowFetchDe Mantelaar and Magic Whiteboard.

What is your Passion: Starting new businesses, motivate/connect people and transforming random business ideas into real companies. Preferably with a team as random (most of the times good friends) and that like the idea and simply go for it. Besides this I like to play chess.

How did you make your passion your work?

After having travelled the world for 13 months I knew I wanted to start my own company. I was hungry for knowledge and to broaden my talents. In my opinion there is no steeper learning curve than founding your own company, as you do everything yourself. After having founded Fetch my first venture, I realized that I really enjoy the thrills of kick-starting a business. Once having learned the trick of setting up and running a business it became easier to duplicate.  Knowing this I expanded our office space in the centre of Amsterdam, found great slightly crazy business partners and simply started with our first venture. Now as a (co-)founder of 4 startups nearly all managed by others. I can proudly confess that I transformed my passion into my work.

What is your contribution to a more sustainable world?

Many and mostly young people are seeking for what their talents are. I happened to be quite successful in setting up companies. Realizing this, I approached some other enthusiastic co-entrepreneurs (mainly friends), who were looking for a new challenge in their corporate career but were afraid to take the plunge. Due to my previous experiences with my other ventures I am now able to help others to run and manage a business while providing them with a safe environment (our officespace). A place where they can be an entrepreneur but are also able to ask questions and learn from the other ventures. Other than this: all my four ventures are there to make peoples life easier and more efficient. I believe that this in itself is quite sustainable.



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