Sustainable Catering

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Hutten is eager to contribute to a sustainable world. Achieving sustainable success is the cornerstone of Hutten, with the ambition touching Hutten’s vision, mission and core values.

Besides a large assortment of organic and fairtrade products, Hutten’s sustainable own food label, ’The Guijt’ offers healthier and more sustainable products. With no artificial flavours or colours and the aim of using 100% natural resources, ‘The Guijt’ range of products contain less salt, less sugar and better fat by embracing locally sourced produce 300 food miles (90%), investing in environmental certification of vegetable growers and innovative natural farming techniques to enrich the nutritional value of produce.

Reason to order: 
Partnering with Hutten is partnering with a company committed to sustainability. Employees will benefit from healthier options, more services and real attention while companies can benefit from healthier employees and a reduction in absenteeism.
Did you know that: 
Hutten is the first caterer in The Netherlands to collaborate with the Wageningen University Research Centre to examine how food waste can be reduced.
How to implement?: 
Simply click the ‘Order’ button to inquire about working together with Hutton for a tailor made catering solution.
By liasing directly with famers and growers, Hutten’s works with short food chains are as short as possible and consequently, we offer a competitive pricing structure. As products are customised to suit individual business needs, prices will vary.
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