Tap water bottles

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The Dopper is the perfect bottle for tap water: sustainable, practical and fashionable! Since not everything is recycled (yet) in our economy and the huge island of plastic waste in our oceans is growing every day, the Dopper wants people to reduce their plastic waste by using a reusable tap water bottle. Besides, tap water is the most sustainable, zero-calorie thirst quencher there is! In addition, part of the proceeds of the Dopper goes to clean water projects in developing countries.

Reason to order: 
Reduce your ‘plastic footprint’ at the office while drinking tap water from one of the fancy Dopper bottles! You can also customize the bottle with your company logo.
Did you know that: 
Tap water is 100 to 1000 times cheaper than bottled water!
How to implement?: 
Simply click & order a bunch of company branded Dopper tap water bottles for you and your colleagues. This will quench your thirst for sustainability!
The consumer price of one Dopper bottle is € 11,95 (incl. VAT), but ask for corporate discounts!!
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