Trash n Treasure workshop

Offered by: 
We Beat The Mountain, VerdraaidGoed!

We Beat The Mountain, and VerdraaidGoed! offer creative sessions on how to reduce the amount of trash/waste during lunch, consider what companies can actually do with this waste, and also how to involve employees from all layers of the company. By introducing an ambassador programme to companies, employees can nominate or select colleagues who are committed to make their companies’ lunch culture more sustainable and ensure the insights from the sessions can be implemented and become ingrained in company culture.

Reason to order: 
Employees can benefit from learning more about creative waste solutions and being inspired by thinking beyond the garbage, while companies can benefit from having motivated employees who become committed to creating a healthier lunch culture.
Did you know that: 
Not only will this solution lead to waste reduction, it will also increase employee engagement with regards to introducing a more sustainable lunch culture, as it also results in more employee engagement amongst employees.
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to organise a creative session where a fitting solution will be designed for your company. This solution is easy to implement as more employees from different layers of the companies involved with it’s creation. See our trial offer below!
Initial creative sessions of 2 hours cost €100 (Excl. VAT).
Special offer: 
VerdraaidGoed! and We Beat The Mountain both produce products out of waste materials. Companies that are interested to see what kind of products already have been developed can receive a 20% discount with their first order.
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