Vitality Road Show

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The Vitality Road Show by WellVit is a 3 hour walk-in event were employees get the opportunity to discover and to be inspired by the positive effects and fun of sports, vitality and wellness.

WellVit always works in consultation with you to find out more about your needs and finds partners for you from their database of over 350 partners in vitality and wellness. 

Follow up Vitality Road Shows are also possible to organise and can even be scheduled more regularly while there are solutions for Birthday and Christmas gifts as well.

Reason to order: 
A fit and agile workforce reduces sickness and absenteeism and promotes devotion and productivity while employees will enjoy the fun and attention, and ultimately be more healthy!
Did you know that: 
Research has shown that vitality facilitated by the employer reduces sickness, burnout, stress and increases the productivity of employees.
How to implement?: 
Click “Order” now to start consulting with WellVit on an event for your needs. Wellvit works with you and their large database to match you with the right partners to create the best in-company solutions for your company and region.
Vitality Road Show events are €995,- per event/location (excl. VAT).
Special offer: 
The first 25 deals get a free fruit & smoothie delivery of ‘Bedrijfsfruit’!
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