Where Nutrition and Taste Meet: My New Roots

Where Nutrition and Taste Meet: My New Roots

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 15:02

There are different ways to approach the relationship between nutrition and taste. Some people tend to grocery shop or order their next meal out based on how nutritious certain foods are, and for others taste comes first. For Sarah Britton the two are inseparable. Sarah wants you to eat food that tastes unbelievably good. So good that you’ll want to share it with everyone you know because surely they’ve been missing out. But you’ll also be tempted to keep it a secret because you’ll certainly want seconds and thirds, and maybe even fourths.

Fig Jam with Lavender, Thyme, and Walnuts; Banana Walnut Pancakes that taste like muffin tops; Salted Caramel Dip that no apple could resist; Crispy flatbread topped with creamy Goat Cheese and Fennel that was caramelized in maple syrup – these are just a few of Sarah’s recipes that are delicious proof that one does not have to choose between nutrition and taste.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sarah followed love to Copenhagen. Her degree in holistic nutrition wasn’t recognized in Denmark and so as she learned a new language and navigated a new life, she turned more and more of her attention to her kitchen and to her blog: My New Roots. She started it in 2007, just before moving across the pond. Once merely a habit, it is now her career. Sarah is a food writer and recipe developer. She writes for various magazines, including Kinfolk and Bon Appétit, and has written a book about stocking a whole foods pantry that will soon be published. She also hosts cooking classes across the world.

Not only should the food you eat taste good, Sarah believes that it should make you feel good too. However, her method doesn’t involve preaching or guilt-tripping, in fact, Sarah doesn’t believe that the concept of guilt should even be associated with food. Instead, she spreads the healthy food gospel by cooking and teaching others how to cook irresistible food. I now know that gospel well. Over 100 My New Roots recipes have made their way into my kitchen, and many of them I make again and again.

Because I’ve worked in restaurants, dabbled in underground catering and also write for various food publications, I know my way around a kitchen.  Nonetheless, last summer I signed up for one of Sarah’s classes in Toronto. Although I wasn’t a newbie to almond milk or food processors, it was a delicious morning well worth the price. Sarah’s energy and creativity are contagious. And in addition to making food delicious, she makes it fun.

Sarah is about to have a baby, so she has no events planned for the rest of 2013. However, her and her ceramic knife have traveled to and taught in New York and Amsterdam, Ibiza and Berlin, Copenhagen and Toronto, and they plan to continue to hit the road. Check her website for upcoming events in 2014.

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