Women go Solar!

Women go Solar!

Friday, March 14, 2014 - 16:34

On the 8th March it was International Women’s Day. I am usually not such a feminist but working with solar panels it does irritate me that the number of women who buy solar panels is ridiculously low. Considering that women make 80% of purchasing decisions it is really shocking that solar panels are such a ‘man thing’! It seems that us ladies find solar panels too ‘technical’ and aesthetically ugly.

Women, come on! We’re better than this!We understand solar panels, we can find our kWh usage on our energy bills and we understand the financial savings that producing your own electricity will provide. I don’t believe that we are so shallow that when knowing all the benefits of solar energy that we would not buy them because we think they look ugly on our houses!

We are working on the Rooftop Revolution, the mass adoption of solar power by households, companies, schools and organisations. Women worldwide play an important role to achieve this. The women that do go solar are super enthusiastic about generating their own electricity, being more energy independent and saving immediately on their monthly energy bills.

So to celebrate and empower women to go solar we set up a campaign called ‘WomenGoSolar’. We are rewarding every woman, that commits to going solar in the month of March, with a donation in their name or a green gift. They can choose between making a donation of €125 to Solar for Syria, the Leprosy Foundation, the Deaf Foundation or to a solar for schools project. The choice of green gifts include a voucher for second-hand designer clothing from The Next Closet, organic bedding from Yumeko, or a discount on an electric bike or scooter. The full list of sunny options can be found on our campaign page http://www.zonline.nu/women-go-solar

I believe in the power of women, let’s show them we can do this!


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